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The MongoDB training course enables you to learn this amazing certification course through the best training in Gurgaon. It is a source based cross-platform document-oriented database program, which is a N0SQL database program. It is a database which stores data in JSON-like documents with dynamic schema. Which enables you to save your documents without doing the structure of numbers of fields or types of fields to store the values.

The MongoDB certification training in Gurgaon have the top-notch mentors who explains the concepts of the program very easily and enables the students to go through proper practical learning. The course is designed in such a way that it enables the development of skills in the students at their fullest and they develop a deep understanding of the course throughout their training period.

The MongoDB course is divided into various levels of training according to the requirements and skills of the students, which is taught to them by the some of the best tutors in Gurgaon. Students are free to join the course according to their comfortable timings and are given full attention to their doubts by our elite mentors. with some best tutors and top-class training program in Gurgaon, a student can have great knowledge of this program which ensures some good future career prospects for him.

  • Is MongoDB useful?

    MongoDB is highly useful as it enables you to manage data with faster speed and of high quality. It is designed on three fundamentals namely documented data model, this offers the best option to handle the data; second, distributed system design that allows you to place the data where you want to keep it. Thirdly, it has unified experience that provides you independence to run it anywhere.

  • What is the relevance of MongoDB today?

    Other databases have grown old with the passage of time. Their architecture were different. But today is the time of apps and internet so MongoDB is highly useful in today’s competitive scenario. It is based on a distribute system architectures, that scale out the database athwart various points such as region or across multiple region.

  • What is the use of MongoDB for app development?

    MongoDB significantly increases your productivity. It stores the data within the application and you can query the data with simply using modern query language. MongoDB offers flexible schema that enables the developers to incorporate new functionality when required.

  • How do MongoDB secure the data?

    MongoDB stringently protect, identify and control the data access. It authenticates the data by providing you a strong challenge responses mechanism that is rooted in SCRAM-256 and integrated with security infrastructures. After authentication it provides authorization through Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). Further, it comes with auditing and encryption available everywhere that provides good security to your databases.

  • What are some real examples of MongoDB?

    MongoDB is used mainly in storage of large volume of data. Some of the real-life examples are-

    1. Aadhar card - for storage of over 1.2 billion data of residents, which is also the world’s biggest biometric

    2. Shutterfly – it enables to store more than 6 billion images along with a transection rate of 10,000 operations per second.

    3. MetLife – enables to hold and manage data of over 90 million customers.

    4. eBay – eBay runs many projects on MongoDB for search suggestions, metadata storage, merchandizing categories and cloud management.

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