08 April 2022

The Impacts of Modern Technology in Education and its Effect on the Future

The Impacts of Modern Technology in Education and its Effect on the Future

Technology has evolved in the past few years. Evolution comes in both positive side and negative ways. The learners of the current system are almost not using the hard books but instead are heading the software way. The tutors have also opted to invest their skills in technology when they are teaching. This is because they have valued its efficiency and viability in using the technology. And if we go by reality the covid-19 pandemic taught us. People were at home and the work was comfortably going on like before. It even improved the work rates of so many companies and institutions. Along with the positivity of the current modern technology, comes negativity of its use. Many students have focused so much on technology up to an extent that they cannot be differentiated from the pessimists. In the past creativity and innovation came a long way due to the fact that technology was not there and the learners had the capacity to think big for themselves. The following are both the positive and the negative impacts of technology on education and its effects on future education.


Positive impacts



1. Time management

With modern technology, time management has become efficient and desirable. This is because there is the introduction of strict timers and stopwatches. The majority of the learners are focused on using technology to counter-check their timers. This has led to the improvement of results since the learners and the tutors are able to maximize performance through better learning. Technology has also planned timetables for the institutions which ensure the tutors teach learners certain topics for a quantifiable and recommended period of time that maximizes result and performance efficiency.



2. Distance learning

Without any pedigree doubt, the covid-19 pandemic that hit the world hard confirmed the benefit of modern technology for distance learning. Many people, may it be the learners, may it be the tutors used technology for learning. What rocked, even more, was the factor use of Skype, Google meets, Google zoom App, and the other many channels of learning. The tutors would only generate a link and share it with the learners. The learners would then choose if they are to use audio or video communication. The classes went on smoothly and during that time the Student is in Nairobi, Kenya, and the tutor is in New Delhi, India. That describes how modern technology covers well distance learning



3. Improved learning information capacity


Modern technology has gone a long way in improving the capacity of education. Through google, chrome, opera, and even phoenix browsers. The students have received a wide range of infinite education knowledge from the internet. The capacity to store information also in the computer has benefited students and learners a big deal. Come to the tutors, their work is now well organized and they can save so much information in one place. This will improve the efficiency of learning and accord the institution's great performances.



4. It generates good motivation for tutors and learners


The modern level of technology is a motivator on its own. The learners of today are impressed by the technology gadgets such as tablets, mobile phones, and computers. When they are taught to use modern technology, they raise their self-esteem and become motivated. Through this motivation that comes along, they can now get what many parents and guardians want. Success is what the parents and all stakeholders need. That becomes one big, important way of motivation that generates higher performances.



5. Promotes a better future


Do you ever relax and remember how the future of the learners would be? Modern technology in education will answer your question. The learners who are well equipped and are innovative build a better future. This better future belongs to the government, the parents or guardians, to humanity, and more so to themselves. Since there is a well-established capacity it will go a long way in making sure that the future is strong and inevitable. The future vision relies on the present learners who will become leaders of that future time. So through modern technology, they can now access a better and quality future.



6. It develops the mind of the learners


Modern technology in education ensures there is proper preparation of the learner's minds. The technology comes along with a wide range of new skills and experiences. This makes sure that the minds of learners are well tested and assessed. This is through quick questions and thinking tasks that come from modern technology. It is now open that modern technology in education has a big role in opening up the minds of both the tutors and the learners.






1. Brings health effects

It is wise to elaborate much on this effect because it is the main negative impact of modern technology. Len-glasses in the past belonged to the aged. In today's world, they belong to young ladies and gentlemen. This is largely contributed to by the use of modern technology. Cancer and eye problems have come along with the introduction of new technology. This is because of radiation effects that are harmful to both the learners and the students.



2. Has led to misleading, due to wrong information

Modern technology provides for independence and freedom while sharing information. This has added more to getting unclassified information from the internet. Many tutors would go and extract information from the internet and teach the learners with it making it shambolic and unprofessional. This when applied will make learners do wrong things because they have been misled.



3. It lowers creativity

Modern technology has come up with the mission of ruining the creativity that existed before. Many students and learners nowadays without thinking go and download content from the internet without thinking on their own. Innovations have become low and poor in the current institutions. Modern technology has put down creativity to below zero levels.



4. Has led to cheating

In many parts of the world, there are so many complaints concerning exams. The learners penetrate the phones to the exam rooms and use them to access answers to the exam questions. They will seem to pass but in a real sense, they would have rigged their results. Leading to the graduation of so many illiterate and inexperienced graduates in the field.


In conclusion, as far as we are championing the modernization of education. We should step back a little and foresee how it will affect and impact the quality of education. Creativity and innovation were key when it came to the establishment of new developments. But now with modern technology, you can see that it is diminishing since the learners do not have again the capacity to think and operate on their own without reference to the internet. It is high time that we maximize the positive impacts of modern technology and also look for ways to correct the negative impacts. Through this tackle, we will build an indomitable, strong future for the next generations.

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