18 November 2020

Giving Power to Students. If students give rating.

Giving Power to Students. If students give rating.

Education is one of the most thriving sectors today. The reason being it is directly related to shaping future of millions of students every year. There are so many institutes and websites which teach a host of technical, non-technical and management courses to the students. These courses are taught in both online and offline methodologies. Mostly the power of designing curriculum, implementing rules and regulations lies with institutes or governing authorities. The main component or the epicentre of this whole movement is students and they often feel left out.

Bestforlearners.com understands the importance of students as it is their future which is at stake. So there must be some iota of power that needs to be with students. Now the question arises, how? We implement this by introducing ratings and review system. We encourage the students to share their reviews about the institutes or websites through which they are undergoing any course or taking coaching from a tutor. We have setup a range of parameters for students to give ratings and review the various courses, institutes, websites and tutors.

We empower the students through this review process. It also helps other students who can read those reviews and ratings and take decisions accordingly. Here we have developed a mechanism where students are helping their peers and juniors in finding the right institutes and websites. This will help the students selecting the right career path for themselves. It was the need of the hour for a long time as the students are the best judge of the course content, or the infrastructure of an institutes and the teaching ability of a tutor and the difference all these things made to their studies and career.

Bestforlearners.com believes in providing a platform where both learners and teachers have equal powers. When the review is done by the students it also gives a chance to institutes and websites so improve their course content, infrastructure and services. This is a two way process initiated by us which will go a long way in redefining the power structure of our education sector. It will eventually result in finding the best coaching platforms for the students who have been tried and tested by students themselves. Ratings and review system will ensure that institutions also put their best foot forward and improve their performances as well as students’ grades and performance.

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