08 November 2020

8 Tips How to Study from Home and Get Good Marks

8 Tips How to Study from Home and Get Good Marks

The study from home is the new smart way to study and enhance your knowledge. Sometimes study from home makes you go easy and you become lethargic and complacent in your studies. It is important to stay focused and consistent in your efforts to get good marks. Here are the 8 tips that you may follow to get good marks while studying from home.

1. Focus – Focus is important for any task. Always remain focussed as it is very easy to lose concentration while studying from home as there is nobody who will keep nagging you. You should think about the reason you opted for that course and what you want to achieve after completing it. It will keep you focussed and you will strive hard for success.

2. Consistency – It is another major factor for achieving success. Never leave the studies for the last moment before the exams. When you do so, you always fail to catch up with the course and lag behind. Consistent studies throughout the semester or the academic year make you feel confident and better prepared for exams.

3. Active Participation – Asking questions is the key here. You should participate in the class discussion actively as it will keep your interest level high and you will grasp the concertos easily. Never shy away from clearing your doubts and you can also use doubt clearing sessions to streamline yours through the process.

4. Timetable – It is important to follow a fixed schedule. Prioritise the important tasks and finish your daily chores well in advance. It will enable you to concentrate on your studies and there will be no disturbances. Create timetable in such a way that it creates good space for recreation as well between your study times to keep you rejuvenated.

5. SWOT analysis – You should do a SWOT analysis and identify your weak areas or subjects. You should devote more time to weak subjects so that you can pull up your performance in them. You can also take help from your online teacher who can help you identify your weaknesses and help you remove them.

6. Sleep – Sleep is an important factor which keeps your body energised and rejuvenated. Always follow your body clock and try to devote that time to your studies when your body is refreshed and most productive. Quality sleep helps you remain focussed, so sleep properly and manage your time smartly.

7. Fitness – Fitness is important to do any task and studies are no different. Take good care of yourself, eat healthily and exercise regularly to remain fit. It helps you study more and increase your productivity and concentration levels.

8. Motivation – Staying motivated is vital for achieving success. Set up small goals and try to achieve them in a fixed time period. It will work as a booster for you and keep you motivated and your energy levels high.

These tips are a tried and tested formula for success. You will be more focused on your goals and manage time effectively. They will help you in getting good marks in your course.

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