04 November 2020

7 Ways to Become a Better Coder

7 Ways to Become a Better Coder

Possessing exceptional programming skills is a sure-shot path to success. Most off the programmers want to excel in their trade never the less aren’t convinced about the ways and means for the same. Let’s make this path easy for you through a well-planned strategy which you can follow easily. You can follow the following seven ways to be a top coder.

1. Learning new concepts every day

Learning never stops and you should constantly work towards improving your knowledge. Never think or act in the manner that you know everything. This strategy helps the beginners to hone their skills and experienced coders to reinvent.

2. Rise above the average

You often come across programmers who are hell-bent to prove themselves right. Never fall in the habit of practicing the same concepts over and over again just to prove your mastery at it. Experimenting in coding is a must. Always look for new ways to improve your coding skills and doing it in a better way. You should not shy ways from failing and keep on finding errors until the code is perfect.

3. Stop only when the code is best

While coding most often the coders stop when they get the code right. You should never stop there and keep on improving it. Making a code world is important but making it work in the best way possible is essential to success.

4. Practice makes you perfect

Always aim for exceeding the expectations. This can be achieved by writing the code at least 3 times. In the first attempt, you generally check if the solution is workable. In the second attempt, you present the working solution to the client. In the third attempt, you make a better version of it and may also come across another way of doing it. You reinvent yourself when you follow this approach.

5. Reading is essential for mastery

You should read a lot of codes written by others. This will help you enhance your knowledge and skills. It makes you find alternate approaches which you may follow to get a solution. You learn new techniques and are also able to do a SWOT analysis of your skills.

6. Make it a hobby

Apart from writing codes for your official assignment always spare come time to write any code of your choice and interest. It keeps the coder and inventor in you alive. You strengthen your skills and learn to be self-reliant. You learn to design end to end solutions on your own without asking for help.

7. Reduce dependence on tools

You should always strive towards making your fundamentals strong. Concentrate on learning new techniques, languages and frameworks to keep your base strong and reduce your dependence on tools. This is the most important step in being an excellent coder.

When it comes to staying ahead of the crowd of coders you should follow these tips religiously. The aim is to outdo yourself and keep on working to polish and augment your skills. This approach will transition you from a normal coder to an excellent one.

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