30 October 2020

5 Steps to Start a Successful Digital Marketing Career

5 Steps to Start a Successful Digital Marketing Career

Digital marketing is the most lucrative career option today. You can gain the knowledge through online courses which is required to make a career in this filed. Moreover you can make a global digital marketing career while working from home. Another advantage is we are living in a digitally connected world and there are opportunities galore. 5 Steps which can help you start a successful digital marketing career are explained below.

1. Get your basics right

You should understand the concepts of digital marketing and understand the nitty-gritties involved in it. It is basically marketing over internet. There are certain components of it which you need to be well versed with. Different channels or types of digital marketing are Website marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Email Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Video marketing and Content Marketing.

2. Website and SEO

Digital Marketing is a practical concept which is measurable. You need to hone your skills making a website for yourself and applying your theoretical knowledge and testing your skills. It will help you gain knowledge and confidence to do things on your own. You can work towards increasing your website ranking through PPC campaign or social media marketing. SEO is essential for a successful career in digital marketing. Practice you SEO skills and try to master the concept and apply it convincingly.

3. Certifications

Since there is no formal degree required so certification holds great significances in this segment. You should get certifications like Google Ads Certification and become expert in using and deploying Google Ad Words. You should master Social media advertising which uses websites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. They play a significant role in enhancing brand visibility and also use concepts like PPC. Understanding Google Analytics is also vital as it help you understand how traffic is generated. As digital marketing is measureable, Google analytics help you manage your campaigns and measure its effectiveness.

4. Gain Experience

Handling the client accounts independently is the key to success. You can get that exposure by starting the job as freelancer to gain practical exposure and gain real life work experience. You get to apply your theoretical knowledge and hone your analytical skills. You learn things like handling budgets, reporting, client communication and setting up procedures. You can also work as an intern if you are not getting work as a freelancer. It is also about gaining practical knowledge and sharpening your skills.

5. Stay updated

Digital Marketing is an evolving industry and things change pretty fast. You need to constantly update your skills and knowledge to stay competitive and ahead of your competition. You should make constant learning a part of your life so that you are aware of all developments happening across the industry and prepared to take it on. You should learn various digital marketing tools as they simplify lot of things for you. They also help you create dashboard for clients and pull reports as per your requirements.

You need to follow a step by step process to first learn the basics, then the nuances of the trade through internship or job and then take the final plunge towards the entrepreneurship.

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