Posted By : Hoseah Kiptoo
Posted Date: 06 December 2021

what is the role of parents in educating the children?

Currently, there is a growing need from the federal and the devolved governmments for parents to educate their children. The parents must know that their children are biggest assets of their life.They should invest better resources for them likewise to the situation that they always invest in earthly materials. There are so many roles that a parent can play in the life of their children. The learning of every child relies directly upon how while at home their parents treats them. The following are the main highlights of how the parents plays a bigger role in the education of children

1. They assist the children to learn reading while at home.

2. Parents are the first role models and mentors.

3. They provide the children with good learning environment.

4. Parents monitor the work and activities of their children.

5. They also offer them critisms that will change their life positively.

6. Parents reward their children when they succeed in school.

7. They prepare them for examinations.

8. Parents guide their children through their home assignments.

9. They ensure that their children respect their teachers.

Each and every parent must take the opportunity of the points above and learn from them.they should be in the life phase of their children and guide them well. The children will always be a replica of their parents character. They must ensure that they act as good mentors and the children will have a bright future.

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