Posted By : Hoseah Kiptoo
Posted Date: 02 December 2021

importance of time management for learners

Time is money. The wise people were not just using this saying to pass time. instead, they focused on teaching people how and why time management can bring us riches when well utilized. Time management does not come itself without a series of good plans. it is beneficial mostly for the learners who have a schedule of program to follow. They may be having various classes and lessons within a single day and they have to manage all without a miss. Doing this management of time is not specifically important to anyone apart from the learners themselves. The following are the highlighted importance of time management for the students.
1. it gives the student ability to complete tasks.
2. it increases the focus level.
3. provides the learners with addequate time to spend with family and friends.
4. It increases the productivity level.
5. It makes things look simpler and easier.
6. it promotes the amount of energy and passion.
7. it gives learners enough time to think and innovate.
8. It makes learners to minimize the cost of learning.
From the above points, we can understand why learners need to restructure themselves for time management. This will be a benefit for them and even their parents.
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