Posted By : Hoseah Kiptoo
Posted Date: 29 November 2021

importance of learning English

importance of learning English language.

English is becoming one of the best language in the world. you will not go anywhere or do anything without involving the English. Most governments has made it an essential requirement when one is immigrating. the key example is the application of green card to fly into the United States of America. so why is English learning important?
1. English gives you accessibility to the entertainment world.
2. English is the main language of communication.
3. English is key in the business industry.
4. English is used in the content writing tasks.
5. During the digital marketing, English is used to present the information.
6. English is used in all aspects of internet.
From the above highlighted points, you can identify that English is important everywhere. so lets connect and learn English together step by step. I will guide you from the starting point to the end.

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