Posted By : Hoseah Kiptoo
Posted Date: 03 December 2021

Reasons why students should learn business and economics

With the growing aspect of Business and Economics, there is a bigger need for the students to enroll themsleves in the Business and economics institutions. This will come forth with better results and experience. When the people are opening business companies it is better that they have skills that exceeds the expectations of the customers and stakeholders. The issue of management is important when one have learnt how to do it. Look also at the expense of the financial analysis of the business, it needs someone who is well educated to deal with it. It will open wide opportunities for the learners also as they enter onto the working world. Let us now discuss key reasons why the students should learn Business and Economics.
1. It impacts industries in the positive way due to the application of skills. develops international perspective whereby the learners will be able to get jobs abroad.
3. it will help in decision making especially on matters financial statements.
4. it helps in innovation of key business ideas.
5. It will help learners monitor the flow of price fluctuations.
6. Learners will be able to study well the demand and supply curve.
7. It promotes self motivation which will uplift the status of the learners.
From the above points we can realize that it is important for the students to learn the basics of Business and Economics.
contact me for business and economics classes. we will learn diferent courses such as Microeconomics, macroeconomics, marketing, international economics, rural development, strategic supply chain management, managerial economics, financial accounting, taxation and business law among others.

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