05 July 2021

How Important are Pronunciation and Accent in Spoken English?

How Important are Pronunciation and Accent in Spoken English?

When you are trying to learn a second language, it is quite common for you to get confused in the linguistics and grammatical aspects, which leads to distraction, and you end up disregarding pronunciation and accent. If you take into consideration the suggestions offered by linguistic experts, you will realize how important it is for you the work on your pronunciation and accent when it comes to Spoken English. It is a well-established fact that your accent can be advantageous if you are able to master them. The sole purpose of this exercise is to investigate how learners perceive pronunciation. The following is a list of dedicated pointers that will help you as to how important pronunciation and accent are in Spoken English. Read on carefully in order to know more about the details

  • Listening : The better accent you have and the more you focus on making sure that you pronounce the words right, it would be much easier for others to listen to what you are saying and interpret it.
  • Practice : With consistent practice, you can improve your pronunciation and accent which will eventually help you to create a good impression in a social setting.
  • Writing : Your writing skills are also comprehended by your accent as it helps you in associating words with their sounds, so you do not end up committing errors and spelling mistakes.
  • Ease In Communicating : When you are trying your best in order to learn a new language, it can be a tad bit difficult for you to express your views, opinions, and thoughts verbally to other individuals. However, if you are someone who believes in consistently working on their transition and accent, it has been observed that you will be able to communicate with native speakers much more fluently.
  • Makes Learning Easier : The initial process of learning a language starts at a microscopic level. You might feel that once you were able to write in the second language properly, the job is done. However, if you are looking for an opportunity to help you speed up this learning process, it is strongly advocated that you do not rely on conventional classroom learning methods and expand your horizons. The most practical approach you will opt for learning the language, the faster you will be able to get a better hold of it.
  • Better Social Skills : If you focus on the fundamental purpose of learning any language, you will realize it is nothing but a medium to have social engagements. Even though you have put in the work to learn a second language, it can be said for sure that you do not wish to feel left out in a social setting. The only possible manner in which you can ensure this is by working on your accent as well as pronunciation in spoken English. The more conversations you have socially, it will also help in boosting your confidence. Before you know it, you will be fluently conversing in English. It might seem a tad bit scary in the initial phases, but as you go along, you will start enjoying it.
  • Be impactful : It is a well-established fact that if your accent is poor or pronunciation is not up to a point, it can certainly create a negative impact on the listener. Particularly, if you are in a professional set up one of the prerequisites is to speak fluently in English. This is one front where you certainly do not want to lack, and getting assistance from professional platforms can help you to become an impactful and confident individual.

Hopefully, all of the necessary pointers that we have discussed extensively in this article above will prove to be a great help and inspire you to work on your accent and pronunciation. This article was an attempt to help you understand how I couldn't pronunciation is an important part of learning any language. If you wish to find any assistance in the said task, it is strongly advocated that you reached out to BestForLearners. The online platform has been offering the right opportunity you need to grab in order to master your communication skills. Connect to the online portal in order to know more.

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