14 October 2021

5 Reasons why the competency based curriculum (cbc) is currently best for children

5 Reasons why the competency based curriculum (cbc) is currently best for children

Are you wondering what CBC means? It is an education system that puts more emphasis on the learner’s unique abilities and talents rather than the education and exam performance.

The following are the five unique reasons why this CBC supersedes 8-4-4 system:

1) Attitude development

CBC is cultured under the attitude learning. Students are taught practically under the guidance of hard work and responsibility. This ensures that the children know what is right and what is wrong for them in the society. Compared to the other forms of education system which does not cultivates more on the attitude development, CBC is the best for the development of our children.

2) Research based knowledge

CBC mode of learning lays its foundation on the subject of research. If you take your time well and monitor how the pupils or the students does their work, you will not fail to recognize the kind of research thesis they use which is research based.

3) Its focus is on skills

This kind of education system is cultured in the exposure of skills that is practical rather than the theory based know how. CBC therefore, brings diverse set of advantages to our children since it moulds their skills and this will ensure great level of expertise and specialization.

4) It promotes personalized learning

As a parent , do you prefer the learning that is student centered or that is general centered? Most of us we will go for the self or personal centered kind mainly because it gives a good base for learning for our children. CBC thus brings personalized learning style that ensures children get well the learnt content.

5) Focus on the mastery of knowledge

CBC develops a mastery of knowledge since the children are taught practically and their value of education stands more on talent and skills rather than the crammed contents that will be lost easily.

In conclusion, Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) is the core foundation for the future of our golden generation if we are to promote the protection and identification of our children talents and for the good life of our future generation.

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